Who We Are

Welcome to WealthGuard LifeSolutions Inc., champions of financial empowerment through dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Our core mission? To liberate you from traditional financial constraints. We’re not just life insurance experts; we’re educators in financial independence, utilizing Austrian economics and the Infinite Banking Concept to put you in control of your wealth and future. Join us in building a legacy of freedom and prosperity.

Andrew Majoros, LLQP

Authorized Infinite Banking Concept Practitioner

Privatized Banking Specialist

Meet Andrew, a Privatized Banking Specialist and your ally in financial empowerment. Inspired by “Becoming Your Own Banker,” he’s committed to guiding businesses and charities to financial freedom. With a wealth management background and expertise in the Infinite Banking Concept, Andrew blends professional acumen with personal passions like sports, embodying teamwork and resilience. Choose Andrew for a partnership that values both financial growth and personal connection.

Michelle Greaux, MBA (C.I.M.; C.Mgr.), B. Com (Financial Services), AICB (Banking)

Privatized Banking Specialist

Meet Michelle, your dedicated Financial Advisor at WealthGuard LifeSolutions. With over two decades in global finance and a deep understanding of the Infinite Banking Concept, she excels in guiding clients to financial prosperity. Her journey from the Caribbean to Canada enriches her approach, blending professional acumen with personal insights. An MBA graduate committed to lifelong learning, Michelle’s passion extends beyond finance to hiking in British Columbia’s trails. Choose Michelle for a balanced, insightful financial partnership.

“In my practice of infinite banking, I am not just a steward of wealth, but an architect of enduring legacies. The financial decisions I make today are the seeds from which my clients’ prosperity blossoms. I believe that true wealth lies not merely in accumulation but in the art of perpetually nurturing growth and possibilities. My commitment is to guide each journey with foresight and wisdom, crafting financial paths that are as resilient as they are rewarding.”

– Michelle Greaux